Rules of Engagement: Dealing with Social Media or Online Conflict

The web is now participatory. We have profiles on social networking sites; we have blogs; we comment on blog posts; we review products, movies, music, books; we engage with unseen people all over the world. The anonymity of the net allows for a certain misbehavior that threatens to devalue the potential for intelligent dialogue and turn off folks who have something to offer.  Sharlyn Laubey over at Mashable has posted some excellent advice on how to handle and avoid virtual conflicts.

Link: How to Deal With Social Media Conflict

I love the first one: Don’t take it personally.  This of course is excellent advice for real world and virtual world.  It is actually my stumbling studies in Buddhism that has helped me learn this lesson the most.  There is such internal buildup when we take things personally and more often than not it has nothing to do with us.

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