Looking for tips on Kindess in all the oddest places

photo: Toban Black

photo: Toban Black

I read Lifehacker pretty much on a daily basis.  There is usually something in there I can use for work, some great bit of advice I’ll throw into a web 2.0 class or a shortcut I incorporate into my own workflow.

Today they linked to a free e-book from The Simple Dollar called Everything You Need to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page.

Why am I telling you about a personal finance e-book?  The author, Trent Hamm, claims all you need to know is that you have to spend less than you earn and then he presents 5 ideas to achieve this goal.  The ideas are fairly simple; but, what struck me as particularly awesome was that in Idea #2 which is titled: Earn More, he doesn’t just include ways to get raises and create additional income streams.  He starts by talking about what you can do in your current workplace.  Here are some of his points:

  1. minimize negative comments
  2. don’t backstab anyone
  3. if you have down time, find something to do (I’d add that this is the perfect time to help a colleague if they need it.)
  4. build positive relationships with everyone in the workplace
  5. ignore poisonous people
  6. own up to your mistakes
  7. don’t burn bridges
  8. keep in touch

This is excellent advice not only to keep your career on track and create avenues for raises and promotion; but, because it helps the organization or company do well, helps create good morale which improves the working atmosphere, and it feels good to be kind and engaged as a positive energy in your work community.

I had never read The Simple Dollar blog before today but will be adding it to my Bloglines account.  It seems to be a simple, gentle approach to taming our relationship with money.

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