Lynne Lavigne and the Great Leap

My friend and coworker, Lynne Lavigne passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

She was so loved by her family, her church family and her library family.  She touched so many lives.  I only knew her briefly; but, I can tell you that she was everyone’s favorite.  She had a very active and clever sense of humor.  She was a great storyteller.  And people were drawn to her.  I loved sharing chocolate with her because she seemed to take great pleasure in it.

I did not get to know her for very long; but, I feel blessed to have known her at all.

There is a Buddhist funeral prayer that refers to death as The Great Leap.  I like the idea of that.  I like to think that Lynne has made a Great Leap and anyone who ever met her knows that she has been received into a loving and joyful place.

She will be greatly missed by many people.  If you are inclined to send out a prayer for her family, it would be greatly appreciated.

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