Ann Wilberton

I can be reached at wilberton at gmail.

I am available to lead workshops and/or give presentations on any topics discussed on this blog.

View my resume here:    resume 13 1.

I created Civil, Civil Servant because there is a kindness missing from human interactions in the workplace, both between coworkers and in service to the public.    I am interested in observing and studying our business relationships in a way that will help us not only deliver superior customer service to our community; but, also in a way that helps create a a working atmosphere that fosters creativity, cooperation and compassion.

I am Head of Access Services at Pace University’s Birnbaum Library.

Thank you for taking the time to read and (hopefully) participate in the conversation I am starting on this blog.


Ann Wilberton,   Kindness Evangelist



Disclaimer:  All views expressed in this blog are the sole views of the author.

You can also find me at:   www.annwilberton.com

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  1. Hello;

    How happy I am to find another blogger ‘stumbling along the Buddhist path.” And how kind of you to link to my blog – I look forward to reading more of yours! Namaste.

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